I hear, I feel, I understand. The stories of small refugees”.

Students (1st-4th grade) in primary schools in Poznań participate in the following activities

1.workshops for children aiming to teach them about small refugees and make them more sensitive to their situation. They offer wonderful opportunities for children to talk to an experienced educator about emotions – often painful and sad, and to ask one another questions about the values we all share. Such meetings are a good starting point to develop children’s empathy and they offer opportunities to answer many bothering questions about immigration the children may have;   

Each workshop lasts 90 minutes workshops during which children draw their own postcards and learn to make their own audio postcards – they are taught various techniques of creating and recording sound and learn to prepare audio comments that accompany the drawings;

Each workshop lasts 90 minutes

3. audio workshops II: additionally, fourth graders are asked to prepare an audio play based on their own story.

If your school is interested in participating in a series of workshops as part of the campaign GALERIA BEZ DOMU you are welcome to contact us at: