GALERIA BEZ DOMU is a gallery of postcards and a collection of audio recordings prepared by primary school children for the children staying in refugee camps.

GALERIA was inspired by the “Adopt a Vest” campaign, during which one of the schools was supposed to take care of a vest that earlier belonged to a refugee child. The pupils of this school spontaneously decided to draw pictures for children in refugee camps. This idea was disseminated and continued in other primary schools in Poznań. The pupils from 1st-4th grade drew postcards for the children of refugees. Their drawings and audio recordings with wishes had one aim – to raise the spirits and bring joy and happiness into the lives of refugee children.

The postcards are the results of workshops conducted in schools and serve as an encouragement for us to get closer to another person.

These postcards will be sent to refugee children in the camps in Greece, Serbia and Italy. You can see them at our on-line gallery GALERIA BEZ DOMU